Perfecting the Art of Art Scanning

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Perfecting the Art of Art Scanning

New large format scanner designed specifically for fine art scanning

The new WideTEK® 36ART-600 was designed for archiving and reproduction of works of art. Museums can digitize their own collection for sale as a print or for publication on the internet or in catalogs. Reprography specialists can offer fine art digitization as a service, which has already proven to be a lucrative market.

Original artwork is moved under the CCD camera elements completely contact free, protecting the art from any damage and making it possible to scan a painting that is still wet, as long as it is framed or the sides are dry enough to place the artwork on the scanning bed.

In cooperation with large format printers from HP, Canon and EPSON, the WideTEK® 36ART-600 fine art scanner brings the basis for professional art reproduction. Native printer drivers installed on the scanner make color accuracy on the resulting image even higher.


At what DPI should I scan my artwork?

In order to achieve the best quality, you may scan artwork at 1200 DPI. A minimum of 600 DPI is recommended for optimum quality.

How much does scanning artwork cost?

It may cost approximately $85. According to experts, if you regularly scan at work then it would be wise to get a good scanner as it may save you money in the long run.

Can it scan acrylic paintings?

Short answer: Yes, it can scan acrylic paintings. However, depending on the texture, you may have to make a few adjustments. You may opt to avoid this issue by taking a high-resolution picture of the painting and then scanning it.

Is it better to scan or photograph the artwork?

Unless issues with size or texture are present, it is recommended that you scan it since it is the best way to capture the finer details of your artwork. Color quality is also better when scanned.

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