5 Reasons To Trade-In Your Old Equipment This June with Our cash in trade up program

Cash in trade up

Receive up to $3,500 cash back when you trade-in your current printer or copier for a new equipment.

  • Saving Money. Trade your current or old equipment in for a new one will be more efficient, causing you to use fewer supplies and less energy. 
  • Increasing Productivity When you invest in the latest printing technology, your printing equipment will be more efficient, causing your employees to spend less time waiting for print jobs to finish and troubleshooting printing problems.
  • Reducing Maintenance Needs. When you invest in new technology, you will have fewer maintenance needs and can proceed with your normal operations.
  • Improving Energy Efficiency. This equipment will use less energy because of new green technology designed to help the environment and save you money on your energy bill.
  • Reducing Interruptions. When you invest in innovative printing technology, you can feel confident that your equipment will run without issues. Older office and printing equipment can have reoccurring and frequent issues due to inferior technology and simply running out of steam after years of use.

Tell Us about Your current equipment & receive up to $3,500 cash!

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Receive Cash Back Up To $3,500

Enjoy your new equipment with your cash in hand.


Jessica H. // CEO - Melbourne FL

Perfect deal, right on time. Our previous copier was falling apart.

John F. // Business owner - Melbourne FL

ook longer than expected to get approved but here we are with a new printer and cash in hands.

Bob C // Contractor - Tampa FL

Renew our leased trading our two copiers with brand new HP's at no extra cost

Meredith B. // General Manager

Fast deal, fast installed and very friendly staff. Thanks for the cash boost. It did help the business.

Eric L.  // Business owner - Fort Lauderdale

No brainer deal. Thanks Larry.

Mary H. // Solopreneur - Miami FL

I like the service and the prices. You can't beat that. Thanks again